Hi All – Welcome June 15! 

It is really exciting to think that we might actually be allowed to reopen the Avila Beach Community Center. I can’t tell you what will be our first fundraising event…still hoping to host a Doggie Parade this summer, if not on July 4, but I promise it will be fun. 

I still get calls and emails asking when we will open as well as what is going on in Avila Beach…are the whales running, what restaurants are open, can we barbeque on the beach, how can I have a booth at the Farmer’s Market, to mention just a few. I cannot wait to see all of you in person…even though Zooming has been working well. It will be a challenge to really get dressed for a meeting instead of wearing jammies, but it will be worth it to see all of you in person. 

Let’s hope that June 15 really is a great day for all of us…and be sure to get vaccinated, wear your mask, and social distance so that we can all stay safe!