After all these years promoting our Doggie Parades, I am changing gears and want to introduce you to Austin and Sherman, the sweet little furballs of Jayme and John Peterson. 

Jayme’s and John’s hearts were still tender and mending from the loss of their previous cat, Bevo, when Austin, their stripey boy, came across their feed on the SLO Animal Shelter Facebook page. Their hearts yearned for the presence, warmth, and love of a kitty in their lives again and, when they met Austin for the first time, he completely stole their hearts with his big soft golden eyes, little pink mouth, and his shaved back and rear, which was a result of having ringworm. They knew they had found their little boy and were so excited to start their family again.

When they brought Austin home, it was clear he didn’t have a strong desire for the outdoors. Since he would become their first indoor cat, Jayme decided he needed adventure, so she harness-trained him to be able to take him on walks. About four months later, they wanted to get Austin a brother, so they returned to the shelter and found their little 16 lb. mischievous boy Sherman. They quickly became best buds and were chasing each other around the house, grooming each other, and going on walks together…Austin was about 8 months when he was harness-trained, and Sherman was about 3 months.

A year ago, the little family of four moved to Indian Hill, and, as it turns out, animals aren’t allowed to go outside unless they are being walked on a leash. Luckily, Austin and Sherman are experienced, leash walkers. They love exploring their new hood, meeting their new neighbors, spending time in their catios, and chasing the occasional lizard, bird, or squirrel when they are out, soaking up all of the good vibes of Avila Beach life. 



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