Mary Foppiano By Mary Foppiano, Avila Beach Civic Association

A view from the beach….                      

Hi All – Six months and counting…the Avila Beach Community Center has been closed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we still do not know when we will be allowed to open. Luckily, the Avila Beach Post Office is continuing to provide mail delivery to all of us…and they do it with a smile and friendly “Hi” when we stop in for our mail. 

With all of the suffering throughout our country and the world, there are no words that I can say to take away the pain of loss of life due to illness, violence, fire, or weather and loss of jobs, homes, businesses, and communities. So many people keep saying they cannot wait for 2020 to end…hoping that the new year will mark an end to the misery and fear. I hope that they are right, and we can begin to find our new normal.

There are many groups that are looking forward to being able to return to the Center, including Alcoholic Anonymous, Cuesta Emeritus classes, San Luis Coastal Adult School yoga and strength training classes, Peace Lutheran Church Lifetree Café, many special events, and our fun event fundraisers such as Spaghetti Dinners/Bingo Nights, Pancake Breakfast, Easter Egg Hunt, Holiday Potluck, Avila Apple Festival, and my favorite, Doggie Parades. 

We want to welcome all of you back to the Center sooner rather than later, but, until that time, I hope that we can continue to keep a good thought for all people who need our prayers…and that we are in a position to offer help to others.