by MARY FOPPIANO, Avila Beach Civic Association

Hi All – I know that most of you know how much I love dogs. I have been enjoying a new website that keeps coming up on my phone under News Break. It is I get at least three or four alerts a day that show how kind and caring people can be to a dog in distress. Some are wandering in a field or down a well caked with mud or abandoned by a family along a roadway. These animals don’t understand why their “family” left and when they will be coming back. In the end, these stories are heartwarming, no matter how sad they start. As we all continue to suffer from shelter-at-home requirements, seeing these stories and the sweet faces of the dogs really help bring a smile to my face…and I am sure to others. 

As I mentioned last month, I am still hoping to host our 4th of July Doggie Parade on the Promenade after our annual Pancake Breakfast at the Avila Beach Community Center. I will certainly keep you all informed but, since we are inundated with pandemic updates daily, I think we will all find out what level we are at and, therefore, when we can open the Center and move forward with our new normal. 

Until then, stay safe and enjoy life on the Central Coast.