By MARY FOPPIANO, Avila Beach Civic Association

Hi all – I have been overdosing on Hallmark Christmas movies since October 25…and I must admit this has mostly put me in a happy mood. That is, of course, until I start saying the lines with the actors because there really isn’t much else on TV. Then I sing along with the holiday music on the radio while I am driving my in-laws yellow VW with the roof open, and what more can I say about the fun of the holidays. During this pandemic, my standards are very low, so I take enjoyment in such little things….and hope that you are all finding ways to enjoy the holiday season too. I miss my family and friends and think that FaceTime and Zoom, and other social media venues are saving me. I am also enjoying working from home with my little guys resting peacefully by me. However, I really am looking forward to resuming life with the new normal in 2021.

I am looking forward to opening the Community Center and hosting our fundraising Spaghetti Dinners/Bingo Nights and Pancake Breakfast and Avila Apple Festival….and especially Doggie Parades. I am just looking forward to seeing the Center alive again with our community members and their special events as well as programs that benefit all of us. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season, and we can get together soon!