Hi All – One day at the end of last October, three young women saw our very generous and wonderful Betty Woody working in one of the gardens along Front Street. 

Betty has been planting new plants, removing overgrowth, and putting her painted rocks in these gardens for over 17 years…and she is in her 90s. These young women started to talk with her and said that they wanted to help and stayed for several hours working with her. Betty was very grateful and has continued to work in the gardens when her health permitted. 

Well, this is a great story, but it continues. Last month, Betty was again working in one of the gardens, and one of the ladies came by and spent the next few hours helping Betty. I only tell you about this because Betty can always use help to enhance our Front Street so, if you have a little extra time on your hands (no pun intended, of course), let’s all pitch in and help her beautify Avila! 

Community gardener Betty Woody has been planting new plants, removing overgrowth and leaving painted rocks in garden all around Avila Beach for over 17 years. Contributed photo