Under the leadership of the Avila Beach Civic Association’s Board Treasurer Sylvia Remmenga, a small working group of Avila Beach neighbors came together to establish a book exchange. Calling themselves the Avila Bookies, they set up this free resource for our community. Modeling themselves after the Little Free Library organization, they have identified an exterior location at the Avila Beach Community Center. 

The way this free book exchange works is, if you see a book that looks interesting, take it and read it. Once you have finished, you may share it with another, bring it back, or leave it at another Little Free Library, which are scattered across the country.

Consisting of Sylvia Remmenga, Nora Burton, Lori O’Connor, Vicki Book, and Susan Luken, these bookies are hedging their bets by getting a collection of books to lend. Right now, what is needed is a carpenter to build the cabinet to house the books. If you know of anyone who would be available to build the cabinet, please contact Sylvia (805)245-9352 or Lori (479)685-9046.