Bill Ziegler and his wife Marcia have grandchildren in San Luis Obispo, whom they visited regularly. When their son-in-law told them about beautiful Avila Beach…they investigated and were hooked, and they migrated from Madison, WI, as soon as they retired from their teaching jobs in Wisconsin.

Bill taught physics and chemistry for almost forty years in the Madison area. Marcia was a reading specialist and, in that role, was instrumental in helping children who struggled in that all-important part of their education. In Bill’s opinion, he knows that her contribution to the education of children was exemplary.

Bill and Marcia have three married daughters and ten grandchildren. They live near Annapolis, MD; Albuquerque, NM; and San Luis Obispo. They have lived in Avila Beach for sixteen years and formed deep friendships with folks who care for each other. They have watched people come and go and realized that the only thing constant about being here is change.

Bill has always enjoyed music and currently feels he has the privilege to play for folks at the beach and in our neighborhood. He plays every night from his deck to the enjoyment of all. He has also played at several of our events, including our Holiday Potluck and other events. He has said that it brightens his day to observe the impact that music has on our lives.

Bill said that he spent time at our neighborhood pool. The moon and the beautiful planet Venus were visible in the evening sky, which reminded him of the many reasons he enjoys being here…the ample quiet time for reflection and thankfulness…and we are thankful for his generous spirit and melodies; he shares with all of us!