Karen Singer and Michael McGandy moved to Avila Beach 2.5 years ago from Pt. Loma, San Diego. They love living on the Central Coast and enjoy all that it has to offer…the people, the beach, and especially hiking.

They had been looking for a dog for quite a while and were so happy when they found Beau five months ago! They heard about him through a family friend who knew he needed a home because his owner just didn’t have time for him. When they met him, they knew he was the one…he wrapped his paws around Karen and wouldn’t let go. Beau became the love of their lives from that moment on! Beau is very smart, loving, and fun and always has a smile on his face.

Karen and Michael love taking Beau on long walks every day in our Indian Hill neighborhood. He enjoys the dog park and going to Avila Beach, where he has quite a few girlfriends. He has so much fun running Zoomies in the park to show off how fast he is and loves to play fetch and tug-of-war…and has named all of his toys. 

Beau is a happy dog and gives his pet parents so much joy. One year old, and he is a wise old soul. They home cook for him…not spoiled at all, of course…and he loves watermelon and treats too. He also likes an occasional night out under the table at Old Juan’s Cantina, where he always hopes to nab a few tortilla chips!