I have special memories of growing up in Southern California in the 40s and 50s when life was much simpler. 

The 4th of Jul. was a really big holiday for our family, and I remember picnics at Griffith Park in Glendale, the community park in Arcadia, and backyard gatherings at our home, or the home of my grandparents, with lots of relatives and friends in attendance.

The meals were pot luck, so naturally, there was a great variety of food. I especially remember Grandma O’Haver’s fried chicken, mother’s potato salad, and Aunt Maxine’s chocolate cake. There are just some things we never forget.

After the picnic, the family headed to locations providing fireworks. I will never forget the display at the Los Angeles Coliseum, which was so magnificent for that time.  Of course, it was nothing like we see today, but it certainly left an impression on me as a child.

Somehow, food brings us together to share love and laughter. I searched for simple food choices for this 4th of Jul. and summer menu to leave plenty of time for the cook to enjoy the event. When you are gathered together, be sure to relive some memories of past times with family and friends.