The Orth family has been coming to Avila Beach since 1966, staying at The Dun Sailing for two weeks each summer. It has always been a wonderful place for the Orth boys to spend time fishing, boating, and riding the surf. In 1971, James and Alice purchased a lot on the hill and finally built a home in 1978.

It had to be a second home as circumstances in San Jose didn’t allow the family to move. Now that family members have retired, Luci gets to spend lots of time in Avila and on the beach.

Luci was the third dog in the family to run the beaches in Avila. She came to live with the Orth’s in 2009 after Linda Price at the Sea Barn told them of puppies available in Paso Robles. Of all the puppies running around, the smallest of the litter jumped into their lap…and that was it.

Luci has a gentle soul and loves being around people. She doesn’t challenge other dogs at the beach but is known to eat just about anything she can find that fits into her mouth while roaming the beach. 

She loves sunning on the deck and welcomes all who come to the house as long as they don’t ring the doorbell! Luci brings much joy and comfort to all family members…and hopefully will be able to enter our Avila Doggie Parade in the near future.



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