Mary and Ed Trejo adopted their 80 pounds of love in November 2019 from the Animal Compassion Team (ACT). The ACT is a non-profit organization that rescues animals on death row at the SPCA. Ozzie lived with Mary and Ed in Clovis, CA, for three months prior to their move to “paradise on earth,” Indian Hill in the San Luis Bay Estates.

Ozzie loves his life here and is spoiled with walking to Avila Beach every morning. Seriously, they have only missed three morning beach walks due to inclement weather. He enjoys frolicking in the estuary water but does not like to surf the waves. He has fun chasing other dogs but only ones smaller than he is. He especially likes greeting friends on the beach who have hugs or treats for him.

At home, he misses grass but relaxes on their deck, where he usually naps. He loves his walks around the neighborhood and to the community parks. His favorite activity is eating…no surprise…and prefers people food to dog food. They love his sloppy tongue, his smile, his golden eyes, his “monkey talking,” and his big heart.

Julie is their “tortie” cat, which means she has an attitude…surprise again…but is very sweet. She is nine years old, so no longer an active kitten. However, she still likes to “play” with lizards around their house. Mostly, she loves taking her cat naps on their deck in the sun, just like Ozzie. 

Mary and Ed rescued Julie literally off the street on a 110-degree afternoon. She was too small to be away from her mother, but they nursed her to health and raised her to become the cuddly fluff ball she is today. 

Both Ozzie and Julie sleep with them IN bed every night…but they wouldn’t have it any other way!